Labas Krabas – Broadcasting and Filming review 2023

It's been a fun year for our little company. A fun year and a year of hard work in live broadcasting and video production. More than 1000 sports broadcasts in 12 countries - a figure we are justifiably proud of. We discovered new countries and even continents - for the first time we broadcasted with our partners from Beboxe in Africa. It was a challenge for us. At the same time, we've really pumped up our filmmaking skills - 7 music videos in one year - how about that? These videos have already garnered several million views on YouTube - one of them alone has garnered over a million views. Looks like we know a thing or two about filmmaking music videos. And building studio sets - by the end of the year as easy as pie. If we managed to build a studio in the UK, during an event for 50,000 offline viewers with complicated security clearances - then we can build anywhere in Europe. And we were filming our first real commercial. With actors, VFX sets and CGI. It will be ready soon and we will show it to you. In the meantime, check out our results of the year in figures.   Labas Krabas filmaking review

How to Grow Your TikTok Account?

TikTok has become the fastest growing social media platform in 2021. More than 1 billion people around the world now come to TikTok every month. No wonder businesses and brands are desperately trying to 'seize the day' and make the most of it.

But how exactly to grow your TikTok account? What can be the key? The fact is, that with TikTok, you'd better forget everything you have learned about social media. It is not about number of followers at all, here you can reach millions of people while having less than 5000 active followers.

So now let's talk some of the tips through.

Unique content. It needs to be authentic and relevant to both your audience and your business. Too formal or too scripted is not a good idea for TikTok at all. Be yourself and try to show the human side of your brand.

Understanding of algorithms. It is important to understand what kind of content works here and keep up with the latest TikTok trends. You need to follow it, you need to analyze how you can benefit from them. Use built-in analytics to find the right time to post. But do not overanalyze, handle it YOUR way.

Trending hashtags. Do not hesitate to join in on them. Join the challenges as well. Create your own ones.

User-generated content. Just don't forget to ask for permission! Interact with your audience by leaving comments to other user's videos, by replying to comments on your own videos.

Influencer marketing. Find the right influencers and let them do their thing. That's the great way to increase your brand awareness.

New TikTok features. Be the first to use it anytime TikTok introduce something new.

These days TikTok is clearly among the best ways for your business to boost customer base. It is still on the rise and will grow further. So it must be - if you are targeting younger audience - the essential part of your social media marketing strategy.

How much does podcasting for your business development cost?

Consider producing the podcast to promote your product? But wonder how much would it cost you? Well, here's our complete budget breakdown for you.

Basically all you need is a microphone, computer and some recording software. Simple as that. But, of course, in order to create something that will grow and expand your business, that just can't be enough.

You need a script. A host. A producer or even a production team, because obviously this whole editing thing can take much time and effort. You might also want to have an exclusive artwork, licensed music and sound effects.

Everything is set and recorded? That is the time to sign up with podcast hosting platforms. And to invest in advertising would be advisable as well, right?

So, let's move on to our cost breakdown. But keep in mind that prices can vary a lot. Everything here depends on what you really want to get. And what you are ready to invest in production.


⦁ microphone, mic stand
⦁ headphones
⦁ audio interface
⦁ recording and editing software


⦁ professional podcast producer
⦁ writer
⦁ host
⦁ audio editor
⦁ artwork
⦁ licensed music, sound effects


⦁ podcast hosting
⦁ advertising

Webinars as an easy way to promote your product

Here's the riddle for you. What marketing tool will help you to engage audience by educating it? It is not a sales pitch at all, but will definitely sell your product. And at the same time people will perceive you as an industry authority.

Okay, right, that's an easy one. In this article we are going to show why webinars are just as easy when we talk about the ways to promote your product.

So what is a webinar? To put it simply, it is online lesson that covers a specific topic relevant to your business followed by Q&A session (it's a must!).

When we say that webinars are "an easy way", we don't mean there is no need to prepare. Still you need a plan. First of all, do not miss with the webinar topic (check what questions are you constantly asked by the clients, in the social media etc). And then the title. That is CRUCIAL. Besides that you only need to send invitations and to prepare content (like slides, videos).

Always remember that webinars are not about you. And not even about your business. They are conducted to educate audience, to provide values for participants, to help them to find the solution they need.

Which, by coincidence, is the one your company can provide (it's ok to mention it!). That's how it works and gets you more sales - by showcasing your expertise. Conducting webinars gives your company that expert credibility. And who does not want to work with the best in the field? With the best who helps the people?

It is very simple to set up. It will not cost you much. It will help you to build relationships with clients, to build trust. Those are the reasons why webinars are so extremely effective.

So that is why it's the right time for your company to start webinar planning. And yes, you are right, Krabas would be happy to assist you here.

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