Live Event Streaming

All kinds of sports events, concerts, corporate events, webinars. If audience growth is what your company is looking for, there is no better way than live streaming of your event. And we are more than excited to assist you with that by producing high-quality live streaming videos. Be sure that individual, customized solution will be designed for your case. Just check the portfolio!

Video Production

Thinking about creative commercial for your product? Or maybe even the film? There is no task complexity that would stop us from supporting you on the way to your goal. Expect nothing but fully cuztomized - or, you may say, exclusive - solution for your particular project. Original script? Yes. Professional actors? You bet! Completely new music? We can do that too.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are an option like no other to promote your brand. Animated video - or even a series of videos, why not? - will deliver your message as clear as it gets. Concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, illustration and animation - let us tell your story and make it truly eye-catching. Besides videos itself, we can create animated presentations animated logos for various uses.


We all know you need to have a strong presence on social media to better understand the needs of your audience, to connect with the new clients and, of course, to be on-trend. But building such a presence is not that simple at all. And that is just what we are here for: to manage your social channels in the most efficient way. We will position your brand as native as it is possible on the specific platform. And at the same time - in strict accordance with your brand's requirements. Here is what we offer for your promotion on TikTok...
  • 15 to 17 posts per month
  • brand promotion as a primary goal
  • production core: scripted videos (once or twice a month), videos edited for platform, highlights; additionally: interaction with bloggers, ad targeting
  • daily analytics of the platform and monthly reports with detailed statistics
...And on Instagram:
  • daily posting to feed and to stories
  • 8 to 12 video 'reels' per month
  • brand promotion as a primary goal
  • production core: news, world agenda (e.g. memes inspired by news), video production, desigh creation; additionally: interaction with bloggers, ad targeting, content seeding
  • monthly reports with detailed statistics
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