How much does podcasting for your business development cost?

Consider producing the podcast to promote your product? But wonder how much would it cost you? Well, here's our complete budget breakdown for you.

Basically all you need is a microphone, computer and some recording software. Simple as that. But, of course, in order to create something that will grow and expand your business, that just can't be enough.

You need a script. A host. A producer or even a production team, because obviously this whole editing thing can take much time and effort. You might also want to have an exclusive artwork, licensed music and sound effects.

Everything is set and recorded? That is the time to sign up with podcast hosting platforms. And to invest in advertising would be advisable as well, right?

So, let's move on to our cost breakdown. But keep in mind that prices can vary a lot. Everything here depends on what you really want to get. And what you are ready to invest in production.


⦁ microphone, mic stand
⦁ headphones
⦁ audio interface
⦁ recording and editing software


⦁ professional podcast producer
⦁ writer
⦁ host
⦁ audio editor
⦁ artwork
⦁ licensed music, sound effects


⦁ podcast hosting
⦁ advertising

How much does podcasting for your business development cost?
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