Broadcast of the first ever game of Burnley FC Women (England) at Turf Moor arena

In what was the historical night for both Burnley FC Women and Labas Krabas we produced the 4-cam broadcast of the club's first ever game at the legendary Turf Moor arena, home ground of Burnley F.C. since 1883. Our crew showed that it is more than ready for the "next" step: men's games at the Home of Football.

Primera Federacion (Spain) broadcasts

More than 400 games were broadcasted through eight months by thirteen Labas Krabas crews, each consisted of director and four cameramen, in our largest to date project. From Bilbao to Ceuta (yes, it is in Africa!), from Vigo to Barcelona - we covered it ALL. Truly remarkable journey.

Live Event Streaming

All kinds of sports events, concerts, corporate events, webinars. If audience growth is what your company is looking for, there is no better way than live streaming of your event. And we are more than excited to assist you with that by producing high-quality live streaming videos. Be sure that individual, customized solution will be designed for your case. Just check the portfolio!

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