Tankfest Online 2023 | Bovington, England

This june together with our partners Wargaming we brought to life really unique project: streaming from the Tank Museum during the annual TankFest in Bovington, UK. It took 15 and more than a month to prepare for this event (more details here), but that was totally worth it. One of the season's highlights, without a doubt.

Decoration of EPAM company event

Our specialty is full-cycle video production. That means we love and know how to make good sets. For the second year in a row, the stand we designed for the largest software development company in the world, EPAM, became the best stand at the biggest career event in Lithuania - WanTED Day. We are happy that we helped our customer to find a multifunctional solution that fully reflects their brand - its development vector and core values.

Motion Graphics Showreel

In this short video you'll find some of the highlights of our recent motion graphics work. We provide high quality graphics at nice prices and strive to fulfill any wish of our customers.

Production of the documentary for Current Time

Vilnius became the stage of filming for our first joint project with critically-acclaimed director Anna Rudikova for Current Time TV. Lithuania's programme of renovation has been picked by us as the topic of the first doc in the film series named "European Values". We provided our client with literally everything here: production, filming, editing, sound design, translation services.

Primera Federacion (Spain) broadcasts

More than 400 games were broadcasted through eight months by thirteen Labas Krabas crews, each consisted of director and four cameramen, in our largest to date project. From Bilbao to Ceuta (yes, it is in Africa!), from Vigo to Barcelona - we covered it ALL. Truly remarkable journey.

Live Event Streaming

All kinds of sports events, concerts, corporate events, webinars. If audience growth is what your company is looking for, there is no better way than live streaming of your event. And we are more than excited to assist you with that by producing high-quality live streaming videos. Be sure that individual, customized solution will be designed for your case. Just check the portfolio!

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are an option like no other to promote your brand. Animated video - or even a series of videos, why not? - will deliver your message as clear as it gets. Concept creation, script writing, storyboarding, illustration and animation - let us tell your story and make it truly eye-catching. Besides videos itself, we can create animated presentations animated logos for various uses.

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